Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Church Fund-Raising Ideas

“Now as you excel in everything… so we want you to excel also
in this generous act of giving” (2 Corinthians 8:7)

Last week’s sermon on the importance of each Christian investing our resources (including our finances) in and through the ministries of God’s church prompted at least one group of our members to brainstorm ideas for church fund-raising to help with our current income deficit. See what you think…

  1. Designate parking spots for those who tithe. Other available spots will be on a rental basis, say $200 per year, with names on the spaces. Free parking will be at the Campground. This will also resolve the issue of insufficient parking.
  2. Control the length of the sermon, thus departure time based on the collection. Some levels can be set such as; $1,000, noon; $1,500; 11:55; $2,000, 11:50; etc.
  3. Remove the seat cushions and rent cushions to the congregation. Members would also be able to buy their own cushions with names embroidered for something like $2,000. Cushions would not be transferrable.
  4. Have an electronic credit card processor passed by the ushers with the collection plate. That way members could get frequent flyer miles with their contribution.
  5. After the collection, make it a ritual to ask all who contributed to stand up. We think collections will soar.
  6. During hot periods, rent fans to the choir.
  7. Run advertisements on the big screens prior to starting church, just as is done at movie theaters. Start with members who have businesses having priority, but then expand as the membership increases.
  8. Bring wine back to communion. Establish a price list such as; grape juice – free; house wine, $3.00, imported, $5.00.
  9. Solicit sponsors for church repairs and then advertise them on the big screens.
  10. Plant something unusual in the Epistle, such as an error or an icon. Give a prize to the first person who notifies Jim of the detection. The prize will be sponsored by a business who will then be advertised on the big screens. This will not generate capital itself, but will aid in recommendation #11 below.
  11. Allow advertising in the Epistle. This could generate significant amounts of capital as well as improving readership.

I know what you’re thinking… “the preacher made those up!” Actually... No, I didn’t! They were truthfully thought up by several of your fellow members and shared with me in a subsequent email (with permission to share them with you). I thought you’d not only enjoy them, but might be challenge like I was to remember our mutual responsibility to do our part to support the work of God’s kingdom through our regular and generous financial giving through our church. Remember that God loves you and I do, too!

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