Sunday, June 16, 2013

"be BOLD" UPDATE - As of 6/30/13

It’s hard to believe that the commitment phase of our “be BOLD campaign is now at an end, and that the two-year giving phase has now commenced.  But what a ride it’s been!  In case you haven’t heard or seen in other communications, as of 6/30/13, we’ve achieved the following:

- 111 Commitments
- Commitments Totaling $696,964 
-Total project amount given so far: $162,015 (*)

It’s worth noting that our commitment total is the highest our church has ever committed to a single capital project, and represents about the same amount in “over-and-above” gifts as is usually contributed in a year’s worth of our regular offerings.  These are great results, especially for a two-year campaign in our current economy, and will lay the groundwork for us to begin resourcing God’s next vision for our church.  (NOTE: If we had done a traditional three-year campaign, the commitment amount would have probably been over $1 million. However, having “be BOLD” be a two-year campaign allows us to be ready to embark on a second campaign to pay more on our entire $2 million project, allowing us either to minimize debt or avoid it altogether.)

So what’s next?  As previously announced, this summer we will form an official building committee to begin formalizing the details of our plans to bring before both our entire congregation at a future Church Conference and before our District Church Development Committee.  As of 6/30/13, we are in the process of forming this Building committee, to begin their work in late July.  Ground-breaking can then begin after we have achieved all the necessary approvals (including required minimum cash-on-hand amounts).

In the meantime, let me say a special “thank you” to our entire “be BOLD Steering Team — Steve Hughes, Terry Standifer, Frieda Brown, Lee Bierce, Dean Kelley, Tom Woodliff, Rob Frank, Jackie Short, Nancy Carroll, Jim Perry, and our consultant Alan Wildes of Generis, Inc. — for all their dedicated work leading to the success of this campaign!  Without this team, we would not be where we are today!  Most importantly, thank you to each and every one of you who have committed and contributed to this project! Your gifts will have eternal significance in helping your church reach new generations for Jesus Christ.

You are a generous people. Thank you!  God bless you!  And thanks be to God for walking with us through this journey!  Let us all continue to “be BOLD for God!

Reminder:  the giving phase for “be BOLD” runs from June 2013-May 2015 (24 months).  If you would like to contribute any/all of your “be BOLD” contributions/gifts online, CLICK HERE and select “be BOLD” as your Fund.

For more information about our “be BOLD” campaign, or to make a financial commitment to it (using an online commitment card), CLICK HERE.

(*) Includes $42,460 given before the “be BOLD” contribution fund was established. 

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