Sunday, December 22, 2013

Mary's Dream

"Mary treasured all these words [of the Shepherds] and pondered them in her heart.” (Luke 2:19)

“I had a strange dream, Joseph. I'm not sure, but I think it was about a birthday for our son. The people had been preparing for it for six weeks by decorating the house and buying new clothes. They'd gone shopping many times and bought elaborate gifts. It was peculiar, though, because the presents weren't for our Son. They were wrapped in beautiful paper and tied with lovely bows and stacked under trees. Yes, Joseph, a tree, right in their house -- with branches decorated and full of glowing balls and sparkling ornaments. And there was a figure on the top of the tree -- an angel I think.

Everyone was laughing and happy and all excited about the gifts, and they gave the gifts to each other, Joseph, not to our Son. I don't think they even knew Him. They never mentioned His name. Doesn't it seem odd for people to go to all that trouble to celebrate someone's birthday if they don't know Him? I had the strangest feeling that if our Son had gone to this celebration, He would have been intruding. Everything was so beautiful, Joseph, and everyone so happy, but it made me want to cry. How sad for Jesus -- not to be wanted at His own birthday party. I'm glad it was only a dream, though. How terrible, Joseph, if it had been real.”
[–By Lloyd D. Lance]

As we prepare for Christmas, let’s remember the true “reason for the season” – as you make plans for your holiday family celebrations, don’t leave him out! Make plans to focus on him by attending worshiping Christ on Christmas Eve at church with your family and friends.

We’ll have three candlelight worship experiences to help you do just this: 4:30pm service especial for families with children; 8:00pm traditional service with Christmas message and Holy Communion; 11:00pm Lessons and Carols with Holy Communion. Finally, don’t forget to celebrate Jesus on Sunday December 29th and Sunday January 5th with our regular service schedule.

Worship Christ this Christmas! And always remember that God loves you and do, too!

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