Thursday, January 5, 2017

New Preaching Rotation

Beginning January 8, 2017, Pastor Brian and Pastor Blake will experiment with rotating their preaching schedules into four week blocks. For example, one pastor will preach for 4 weeks in our "Morning Glory" contemporary service while the other pastor preaches in both our traditional services in the Chapel and Sanctuary. After their four week series ends they will then switch to preaching in the service(s) they did not preach in during the previous 4 weeks.

Both Blake and Brian are excited about this new rotation because it will:

1) It will increase the momentum during each of their sermon series’
2) It will accentuate both of their unique preaching styles
3) It will allow for both members and friends to choose either the preaching style or worship style that best fits their spiritual needs.

We pray that this rotation will stretch your faith and allow you to experience God’s diversity through our many worship opportunities!  If you have questions or suggestions during this trial period (through the end of Spring), please contact Brian and/or Blake.

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