Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Prayer with the People of Japan and Pacific Coasts and Islands

"God of all compassion,
Our hearts and bodies shake
With the earth
And all who dwell upon it.

We cry to you for help
For lives, roads, homes, and livelihoods lost,
And coastal regions washed away
In Japan
And all who this day wait in fear
On other coasts and islands
On an ocean that betrays its name.

Have mercy on them, on us
And all who wait for better words
And help.

We pray in the name of Jesus
Who stilled the wind and waves. Amen."

by Taylor Burton-Edwards
Copyright General Board of Discipleship. www.GBOD.org
Used by permission.

Are you struggling to understand why a good a loving God would allow such destruction from nature? Two of Pastor Brian's Sermons in his 2009 series "WHERE IS GOD WHEN?" deal with these issues. Click on the title to read each one: (#1) "Katrina, Tsunamis & Acts of God" ; (#2) "How God Really Works in Our World"

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