Thursday, April 11, 2013

Introducing "be BOLD"!

One of the characteristics of the people of God is boldness. Whether it’s Moses boldly leading the people of God out of Egypt, or King Solomon boldly leading the people to build the Jerusalem Temple, or the apostle Paul boldly planting new churches throughout the Roman Empire, it’s clear that God’s people are called to be bold in word, faith, and action.
One-hundred-forty-one years ago, our predecessors demonstrated such boldness when they stepped out to establish a new Methodist faith community in the eastern part of Cobb County — the result was our church. And since that time, we’ve continued to seek and find bold ways to connect and share Christ with our community.
But although our current programs, ministries and facilities have served us well, in the future they will be increasingly ineffective in connecting us to the changing people and needs of our local and world community. Our buildings are dated, our parking lot is in disrepair, and many of our spaces no longer meet the growing needs of both our own congregation and of those in our community who connect with us through them.
That’s why I’m pleased to introduce BE BOLD, a 24-month spiritual and financial campaign that will begin to give us the resources we need to more boldly connect with our community into the future through a series of construction initiatives to add new ministry space and update our current ones.
You’ll find here various links to information about the campaign, including:
4) A ONE PAGE SUMMARYof the campaign purposes
5) A link to our main CAMPAIGN VIDEO
Remember that we as God’s people are called to boldness. At East Cobb UMC, we already have a bold past, we live boldly in the present, and we’re called to be bold for our future. So, as we embark on this journey, I invite you to join me in BEING BOLD for God!
Pastor Brian

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