Sunday, August 2, 2015

I Am A Guest To Your Church

“Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for by doing that some have entertained angels without knowing it.” (Hebrews 13:2)

“You cannot know the reason why I am here this morning. It may be as simple as a move to your community, or as complicated as a personal crisis that leads me to seek strength from God. In any case, I am here. And I will probably come back to worship here with you next Sunday if you will do something for me. Won’t you please...

• Smile at me as I walk in your door. You are my first impression of the church during the few moments I am in your building, and this impression will probably stay with me for a long time.

• Speak to me during the greeting time and after the service. I know you want to see your friends, but if you don’t I may find it hard to believe that you truly care for ‘the stranger in your midst.’

• Tell me good things about your church and pastor. I want to believe that I’ve come to a place where people love each other and believe that they are doing something exciting and important for God.

• Notice me even if I am not a ‘traditional’ family. I don’t want to feel invisible just because I am unmarried, a single parent, a teenager, or an older person.

• Invite me to become part of your class or small group. I need more than worship every Sunday -- I need to know that I’m accepted and affirmed by a group of people who know and care for me by name.

If you can find it in your heart to do these things for me, I will come back... a second and third Sunday, and maybe forever. I’ll worship with you, sing in the choir, work on projects, teach in your Sunday School, make financial commitments, and become a highly involved member. In so doing, I’ll find my life immeasurably and eternally enriched.”    [--Author Unknown]

LaGrange First members and friends, Fall is one of the key times of the year that we have new faces in our midst as we worship and gather. I trust that you’ll do your part to welcome each and every one of them with the hospitality and compassion of Jesus! Remember that God loves you and I do, too!

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